Hanging Art & Creating A Gallery Wall

Hanging Art & Creating A Gallery Wall

1. Generally, the centre of the picture or the wall of pictures should be at a height of 145cm from the floor.

2. If the ceilings are very high - then you would need to play around with this.

3. When creating a gallery wall, stick to a maximum of three different sizes and three different colours. Unless you are going for an eclectic style - in which case ignore it!

4. Before getting the hammer and nails out: measure out the amount of space you want your gallery wall to fill tape off a box that size on your floor and play around with placement/selection of art.

5. Try to keep the spaces between each piece to around 5-10cm.

6. For a more curated look, keep to the overall colour scheme or similar tone and intensity.


7. Starting with the largest frame in one of the four outer corners, if it's a small wall gallery or just off-centre, but towards the middle, if its a larger collection. Off-centre forces your eye to travel around the gallery!


8. Place your second biggest piece diagonally from your biggest (either right next to it or further away).


9. Place the smaller pieces around these bigger pieces, playing around with horizontal/vertical positioning.


10. You could also mix in a mini collection of 2, 3 or 4 pieces together in a grid formation.


11. If you like, you could also mix in non-framed wall art (animal head / textured art)


But rules are meant to be broken. Go with your gut and you will know when it feels right!


Burnt Peach Prints framed and leaning against a wall.  


Pictures also look great leaning up against a wall, on a shelf or on sideboard. So if you're unable to hang pictures, then why not try leaning your frames for a more relaxed look? It also means you can change it up easily should you want to. There aren't any rules when it comes to leaning and layering artwork so you do you!


 Where to source art.

Anything can be considered art! It doesn't have to cost a fortune to be beautiful or cool. Some of the best pieces we've sourced from have been in charity shops and car-boot sales so keep your eyes peeled. eBay is another great place to find bargains. Anything that means something to you is going to make your gallery wall unique and special. So frame the kids drawings, old theatre tickets, record covers, and beautiful scarves or fabric pattern. If it fits in a frame and means, something to you, it will look good in your collection. Keep your eyes out for beautiful old frames too, you may not like the art that's in it, but you can normally take them apart, find a print you like and reframe it. A modern print in a vintage frame is eternally cool.


Some of the most exciting gallery walls contain a mixture of framed art and objects so if you can add a hook to it, hang it! Plates, mirrors, old signs, masks, anything that varies the look will add interest to the overall space you're creating.


Online image galleries have thousands of free pictures that you can print and frame. Just make sure you're searching for images in the public domain and then there is no copyright issue so you can use them. Check out unsplash.com and rawpixel.com for lots of inspiration. From old painting to abstract art there is loads to choose from. You then just need to print, frame and hang.


There are also lots of independent artists and printmakers on social media, try searching for wall art prints and you'll be amazed at what you can find.


Template Ideas

Here are a few template ideas containing a mix of sizes. But remember, rules are there to be broken so use these as a starting guide and enjoy playing around with different layouts. 




Burnt Peach Print Combination ideas 

Here are a few combinations of the bestselling prints and portrait styles to show you ways that you can combine them to create a gallery wall.

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