Pia Gill Burnt Peach Founder


Burnt Peach. Strange name, long story. Let’s just say I wear factor 50 now, even in the winter. Anyway. This is me, Pia. Pale and (not very) interesting. Mother, wife, graphic artist. Life-juggler.

I’ve got over 20 years experience in design, print and advertising and a passion for all things graphical. I love my home to be full of bold, stylish prints. But I’ve come to realise that bold and graphic is very rarely accompanied by warm and personal. I realised there was a gap. And one that I hope to fill with my new venture.

Inspired by my boys and obsessed with capturing their beautiful, childhood features Little Peach Portraits was born. These striking, personal portraits became so popular with family and friends I launched a business - and have created hundreds of timeless images for families all over the world. It’s been my joy and privilege to craft every single one.

But with more wall-space to fill and more moments to capture, I’m expanding the range. Burnt Peach is now a one-stop-shop for meaningful, graphic wall art. Whether it’s an intricate portrait of your favourite person, or a bold typographic print, quote or lyrics of your choice, you can be sure to find unique pieces to decorate your walls and compliment your home. 

 Oscar Lymer


OSCAR LYMER 07/11/2014 - 15/10/2018

For me, there’s no better sound than my two boys laughing and playing together. I know they're creating memories to treasure for a lifetime and it fills me with immense joy and pride. Sadly not all children are lucky enough to have the freedom to just be kids, for some, their childhoods are put on hold or even bought to an abrupt end due to neuroblastoma, an often aggressive and deadly childhood cancer which targets children younger than 5 years old.

I found out about neuroblastoma after creating a portrait of Oscar  who he had tragically lost his life to this cancer.  His story completely moved me, and I felt compelled to help.  I was still raw with emotion following a long stint in hospital with my own son who was 4 at the time. Although he wasn't fighting cancer, he suffered an invasive form of Strep A which caused him to become seriously unwell with sepsis, pneumonia, scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease. It was utterly terrifying and I felt completely helpless watching him endure endless treatments. So although I can't relate to the pain involved for families experiencing childhood cancer, as a Mum I can relate fully to the gut-wrenching horror of watching your child suffer. 

This is why I donate 5% of profits to Solving Kids’ Cancer. Through my work I want to help them fight for a future where no child has to die or suffer from this childhood cancer.

So when you create a Little Peach Portrait or buy a Burnt Peach print, you are also helping to make sure that as many children as possible are getting to make the most of their precious childhood. That’s priceless.  

Solving Kids Cancer