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Hi I'm Pia - a graphic artist, wife, mother, and self-proclaimed type addict! After decades in the design and advertising world, I faced a frustrating dilemma when I couldn't find affordable wall art that suited my style. That's when I had my "aha" moment and created Burnt Peach Design.


My daily inspiration and exhaustion comes from my boys. They sparked the creation of the Little Peach Portraits collection. What began as a few portraits transformed into thousands of unique pieces sold worldwide. As the business expanded from my kitchen table, my customers grew from friends to celebrities. Soon, the portraits were featured in magazines and on popular gift guides.


As time went on, I decided to revisit my typography obsession (which started back in university!), and expanded my wall art offerings.  Enter "My Type Of..." a massive collection of designs that includes bold statement prints, graphic tees, cozy sweatshirts, cards, and so soon to me much more. My friends and family always joke that if you say a good quote in my presence, there's a chance I'll jot it down and turn it into something!


Everything you'll find here is truly my type of thing. I hope they'll be your type of thing too.





Puji or Uji (Oo-zi) as he's known is an accomplished vector artist and a highly skilled Nigaoe cartoon creator. With over 10 years of experience in the field, he has developed a unique style that allows him to capture even the most minute details in his portraits. In addition to his artistic talents, Uji is also a dedicated family man who loves spending time with his two children.

You can see more of his work here.











 Oscar Lymer


OSCAR LYMER 07/11/2014 - 15/10/2018

For me, there’s no better sound than my two boys laughing and playing together. I know they're creating memories to treasure for a lifetime and it fills me with immense joy and pride. Sadly not all children are lucky enough to have the freedom to just be kids, for some, their childhoods are put on hold or even bought to an abrupt end due to neuroblastoma, an often aggressive and deadly childhood cancer which targets children younger than 5 years old.

I found out about neuroblastoma after creating a portrait of Oscar  who he had tragically lost his life to this cancer.  His story completely moved me, and I felt compelled to help.  I was still raw with emotion following a long stint in hospital with my own son who was 4 at the time. Although he wasn't fighting cancer, he suffered an invasive form of Strep A which caused him to become seriously unwell with sepsis, pneumonia, scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease. It was utterly terrifying and I felt completely helpless watching him endure endless treatments. So although I can't relate to the pain involved for families experiencing childhood cancer, as a Mum I can relate fully to the gut-wrenching horror of watching your child suffer. 

This is why I donate 5% of profits to Solving Kids’ Cancer. Through my work I want to help them fight for a future where no child has to die or suffer from this childhood cancer.

So when you create a Little Peach Portrait or buy a Burnt Peach print, you are also helping to make sure that as many children as possible are getting to make the most of their precious childhood. That’s priceless.  

Solving Kids Cancer