Burnt Peach Example Photo Requirements

It’s imperative that you are happy with the photo you supply as portraits are created directly from them. 

Please supply individual photos of each person, and do not worry about the direction they are facing, this can be flipped if you need them to face each other.

Ideal Photo Examples

Photo Requirements Example 1

Photo Requirements Example 2


Don’t worry about smoothing away stray hairs, as they are often unique and can add charm.

But if hair is long, it can often look more flattering in a silhouette if it is tied up and off the neck and shoulders.


Consider what they are wearing. Hoodies can come across as hunchbacks when in silhouette.

So either a thin top, small collar or bare skin if you prefer the silhouette to be a smooth outline.


Try and make sure that the background is as plain as possible ideally a wall,

but don’t worry too much as long as long as the photo is clear it shouldn’t be a problem.

Send photos as high resolution as possible.

Sitting Still

If your little one struggles to sit still, then take their picture whilst they are watching TV or are in a high chair.


Burnt Peach Too Low

Too low. You want to be at their shoulder height. 

Burnt Peach Face Not In Profile

Face is not looking straight ahead so features wont show.

Burnt Peach Photo Example Mouth Open

Make sure if the mouth is open it’s not like this! Slightly open, or smiling look really lovely, but if your child is watching TV like this, then it will be captured in the silhouette and it’s not the most flattering.

 Burnt Peach Don't Crop Image

Don’t crop the image, all the head, hair and shoulders need to be visible to create an accurate portrait.

BUrnt Peach Head looking down

Make sure head position is looking straight ahead, not down, unless you are wanting to capture that look.