The Portrait Process

Here we explain how the process works but if anything is unclear, then don't hesitate to get in touch.   Please download and read the PHOTO REQUIREMENT TIPS before sending your photo.  Take advantage of the FREE PHOTO CHECK service before placing your order. Email your photos or a selection to 
Side profile image

Before you are ready to order you will need to decide:
1. Your portrait style and size.
2. The colour code of your chosen style.
3. Single, double or triple portrait.
4. Silhouette outline and border options.
5. You will also need your side profile photos ready to upload with your order.
Click here to see some BEFORE / AFTER examples

TURN-AROUND IS BETWEEN 2-4 WEEKS. You can expect a proof between 1-3 weeks after placing your order. (Please note these turnarounds may vary at busy times of the year)

1. Pick a portrait style from one of the collections
Collection examples
2. Browse the colours on offer and select the one you like. 
3. Choose single, double or triple portrait and select size required.  
4. Upload your photos.  Make sure these are following the guidelines and are individual, side profile images. The portrait is created directly from the photo you supply, so make sure you are happy with it. Look at the outline shape of the face, lips, and hair and make sure its a true representation. Please note, the portrait will be as your photo appears. So if the mouth is open, or the hair is sticking up,  it will be captured on the portrait. 
If there are any problems with the image supplied, you will be contacted and asked for an alternative option.

5. Things to consider: Outline and Border options

SILHOUETTE OUTLINE: You can choose to have your portrait created with a clothing outline for a very realistic and natural look or you can choose a smooth outline for a more stylised look.
Outline and border options
Clothing outline / Smooth outline

6. Your portrait proof will be sent via email
Portrait. Proof

If you’re not completely happy with the portrait you can make up to 3 changes at this stage including colours, and design tweaks to features to get them exactly right. Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the proof, your portrait will be sent to print.