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Jump The Queue

Jump The Queue

Have you left your gift buying till the last minute? Don’t panic, that’s what the queue jump feature was created for. For £29 you can jump your order straight to the front of the queue and get your proof back within 3 days. Normally proofs can take up to 3 weeks so if you’re in a blind panic add this to your cart and you will be magically taken to the front of the queue. 

Please note this does not mean you will receive a printed portrait within 3 days. Production after the proof is approved will still take up to 3 weeks. You will just receive a proof swiftly into your inbox which many customers print as placeholder gifts until the final print arrives.

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So, you've found the perfect print, but the color isn't quite right for your home? No problem, our Custom Colour Change service is here to help. Add this service to your order and simply write the bespoke colors you'd like for your print in the notes section. You'll receive an email proof to ensure you're happy with the changes before we print. If you have paint samples you'd like us to match, just provide their names, and we'll match the colors as closely as possible. Please note that colors may vary slightly from screen to print.